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AsiaSolar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition & Cooperation Forum

The exhibition and forum has been held since 2006,it was prior professional exhibition and forum in domestic asiasolar PV industry .Several hundrand famous enterprises worldwide have been attracted to take part in the exhibition every year,with professional,international and good service,and tens of thousands professional persons have been attracted to visit and purchase, the forum is widely popular with its high specifications, have been attracted nearly a thousand people to participate it each year, the exhibition has a certain popularity at the international. With the world\'s attention to new energy sources including solar photovoltaic industry,its prospects is broad.
Nov. 17-18,2022     Hangzhou International Expo Center(G20 Pavilion)

Asia Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Application Exhibition & Forum

The role and value of hydrogen energy in the world energy transformation has been paid more and more attention. The world's major developed countries have strongly supported the development of hydrogen energy industry in recent years. In recent years, the United States, Japan, the European Union and other countries and regions have formulated hydrogen energy development strategies. China is already the largest producer and consumer of energy in the world, and hydrogen energy is listed as one of the six future industries in the future. A crucial battle aiming at the "double carbon target" with hydrogen energy as the fulcrum has begun.
Nov. 17-18,2022     Hangzhou International Expo Center(G20 Pavilion)